DJex HellsBell

I offer to be your DJex!

After I was a radio host with the former online-radio “BlackStar Radio” I didn’t find the time to mix music for other people to enjoy. I am rekindling that hobby of mine and am offering my services as a disk-jokey*ex for parties from time to time.

I have specialised myself in the following music styles:

  • Hip-Hop / R’n’B / DeutschRap
  • Queer-Pop
  • Latin (Raggaeton/Dancehall)
  • Electro-Swing

I also play contemporary party music (pop, charts, rock, …) to make the people at your party dance like crazy!



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04.06.2017 – Rosenkeller Jena – Deutsche Quidditch Meisterschaft Abschlussparty
07.06.2017 – Kollegienhof Jena – Fakultätsfest der Fakultät für Mathematik und Informatik
07.07.2017 – Rosenkeller Jena – QueerBeat-Party Sommersemester 2017
28.07.2017 – Private weddingparty